Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tricks of Nature!

Today morning we got flurries, when we thought March 23rd was the last one of the season. We got six inches of snow that day and that is what they call taking a dump in March. There was an outrage across the city that day in March because just the previous weekend was a beautiful 11 degree Celsius spring day, all the snow had melted and it truly felt like spring. The outrage could be felt at work, on the radio, on TV, during my drive .... everywhere!! We had definitely received a strong blow from Mother Nature.

Strangely, it reminded me of something my friend Cathy had mentioned not too long ago. Why did we love snow so much as kids? What changed as we grew up to be adults? We both agreed that the love faded because now all we focus on is shoveling, the commute, the traffic, the not-so-much fun things about snow. We no longer make snowmen, snow angels, have snowball fights or can do all such fun activities without a few eyebrows being raised. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why people have kids; it gives them a reason to be kids again.

By now, you must be thinking it is high time we leave all the wintry thoughts behind us, but I just couldn't get rid of this one from my head without spilling.

Well, all the snow has melted now, which is good reason to be happy. Only 2 of the 25 pots of Pansy seeds in my "Indoor Greenhouse Kit" have germinated so far. Looks like I will need to sow some more seeds in the rest. Hoping to have at least half of the mini-pots to germinate so that come summer, I can make my flower bed full of pansies this year.

Till then, ciao. xoxoxo

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