Saturday, 7 May 2011

For your eyes only!

For the last two years, I have been using the same eye shadow: Maybelline New York Expert Wear, Enchanted Forest, to the point that it has now started to break into pieces. It was high time to change my eye makeup!

After browsing the cosmetics section, I decided to try crème eye shadow. I had never used crème eye shadow before, but after starting to use it, I love it. For all you ladies who have dry skin like me, I would highly recommend crème eye shadow versus powder. Crème eye shadow keeps the eye area moistened all through your work day whereas powder shadows can have a drying effect. Also, crème has very light feel on the eyes, whereas powder shadow can sometimes feel heavy on the eyelids.

In terms of color, I bought two different shades. First, I bought Maybelline New York Eye Studio, Blue Freeze. Love the blue shade, and it comes as a trio with two other shades, light blue and grey. Apply the darkest shade to the outer corners of your eyes, add the lightest shade to the inner corners and blend.

If you want to add some more shine to your eyes, use little bit of a light colored powder to the inner corners and a small stroke just below the brow bone. I bought Maybelline New York Expert Wear, Silver Lining powder shadow. It works brilliantly for me! I wear it to work to add a touch of glam but not too much. I would highly recommend the above two products.

The second shade I had in mind was plum or purple. A few days after using my blue crème eye shadow and after many considerations, I decided to go for Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow, Wild Orchids. As much as it looks cute from outside the box, I am not happy with this product at all. After applying, the purple shade is barely visible. The glittery particles in the cream shows more and it looks like you are wearing a silver shadow rather than purple or mauve. Also, the product does not have as creamy a feel as the Maybelline one. So I do not recommend Revlon crème eye shadows at all.

Last and most important is the brush. I learnt that crème eye shadows need a separate type of brush which is sort of stiff. While searching, look for brushes which have “cream eye shadow brush” written on the package. I bought a Quo brush which was on 40% off at Shoppers Drug Mart … good deal!

This weekend, I am off to L’Oreal warehouse sale which I have planned to visit with my girlfriend. Provided we get a chance to get in amongst the mad rush, I hope to let you guys know of any good finds soon.

Till then, ciao!

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