Sunday, 30 October 2011

The iOS 5 Update

I am in LOVE with the new iOS 5 update. Loving the look and feel, the iMessaging and iCloud features. Have you noticed that when you start messaging, it automatically detects if the person you are messaging too is also on iOS 5 and automatically converts it into iMessage? And have you noticed differences in color, regular text messages in green and iMessages in blue? Oooh!! And the read receipts? I could go on and on. I also love the fact that I have the option to turn off read receipt for myself to protect my privacy.
Oh, and yesterday, when my phone was almost slipping off my fingers, I accidentally found out that if you slide your finger from top to bottom of the screen very fast, a shutter slides down which gives a snapshot of all unread notifications from every app I have on my phone. That was it, the last straw which made me go head-over-heels. WOW!!
iCloud is great … or so I thought. Just to know that the contents of my phone will be secure even if my computer crashes felt great. I feel this feature has better utility if you possess an iPad and iPod as well. Well, I do have an old iPod, but I haven’t synced that to iTunes in years. And I do not possess and iPad. But this feature is actually tempting me to purchase an iPad. Hee, hee …
However, when iCloud chewed up 80% of my monthly data plan, it drove me mad. In settings, it says that iCloud automatically backs when iPhone is plugged in, locked and connected to Wi-Fi. Well, that claim is bogus. It keeps backing up over 3G, leave alone Wi-Fi, even when the phone is not plugged in. this is ridiculous and a flaw in design. Apple got to fix this somehow; otherwise I do not feel the iCloud idea will fly too far.
Anyways, I have a very positive feeling about iMessaging and it is going to catch up and overtake Blackberry Messaging. It is also going to convert BBM users. Well, I say this because I love Apple products so much and I am completely biased. But what do you think? Are you a Blackberry or iPhone person? BBM or iMessaging? Have you upgraded to iOS 5? If so, which is your favorite feature?

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