Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Spring Equinox Is Here ....

Today is officially the first day of Spring and for some reason, it feels different. The air feels lighter, the heart feels livelier. It feels like there is more hope and happiness around ..... new beginnings!! 

I was digging around some old pictures and found these beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms we had taken a few years ago. Lovely! 

With extra daylight hours today, I wanted to walk around my neighborhood after work, in search of signs of Spring, like so. 

However, the nasty wind made it sooooo cold to be outside, which could have otherwise been a nice walk on a beautiful spring day. 

With the spring in my step today, there are two things I want to say: 
  1. Always follow the nudges from your heart, you will never regret it. 
  2. Stop working too hard. If you are working too hard, you might not trust the process (a new realization for me today .... ). When you stop trying too hard, you play a bit more. When the mind is put at ease, wonderful things start happening. And then you will start blowing yourself away with all the things you had never imagined you could accomplish.  

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