Monday, 24 September 2007

My New Job

Never had I imagined that I will be baby-sitting other people's kids in exchange for some money. Well yes, exactly that came true today. The kid is a year old and crazily cute but...........he cries far too much. He's too clingy onto his mother (as compared to her elder sister, according to his mother).

Well, my home was filled with the incessant crying of the kid. In the morning, he got tired of crying and fell asleep by himself. (Phew! What a relief for an hour and a half) After that, the crying continued. In between, at some magical moment, somehow I managed to distract his attention and got him engaged into looking at whatever I was doing. He even ate from my plate and we became friends (yipppppeeeeeeee, problem over). But I wasn't that lucky, he started off again. I feel blessed that kiddo spoke to me in his baby language for at least an hour.

Awwww, such a cutie pie he is, really!!